our homey home

Homeownership – something that I have anxiously awaited for a long time. There were certain things I looked forward to about growing up and “adulting,” such as graduating college, getting married, buying our first house, having kids, etc. When my husband and I got married, we were privileged to be able to rent “the house on the lot,” as Trey and I call it. Said house was oddly located in the middle of a parking lot (yes, you read that correctly); however, it was a house, not an apartment. It’s all about perspective. You know, the “glass half full” type of perspective. To be able to live in a house and bypass apartment living (i.e. thin walls, lack of privacy, unwanted noises – my beagle would love that, tight spaces – my Great Dane would love that, etc.), it’s worth mentioning my appreciation for the house on the lot. It is that house that we called home for the first three years of our life together. We welcomed our beagle into our family in that house. We later welcomed our Great Dane into our family in that house. We found out that we were going to be parents in that house. While there were many days that I griped about living in the middle of a parking lot, I am very thankful for our time spent in that house.

During our third year of marriage, we decided that before we were to expand our family we wanted to pursue homeownership. It seemed to me that we looked at 564,892 houses before we found the house that was to be our house. Unfortunately, looking at houses was not as fun or glamorous as it appears to be on HGTV’s House Hunters. When we finally found our house, it had only been on the market for three days before we made an offer. Decent timing, if you ask me. I won’t bore you with the whole process we went through in buying our house, as I am sure you have either experienced it for yourself or heard about the process of buying a house. If you haven’t experienced/heard about the house buying process, take it from me, it’s not that phenomenal. I’m not a fan of spending money, especially large sums of money. And, if you didn’t know, houses are expensive.

The important thing to know is that we bought our first house!

the day we closed on our house! (before Eliza Jane arrived)

Our new house was a fixer upper in every aspect of the term. So even though we bought our house in May of 2016, we weren’t able to actually move in until August. Talk about three long, slow months.

Eventually, we moved in. Goodbye, house on the lot. Hello, house on the river. We were finally living in our own house. Big adult purchase, I know. Was it perfect? No. Is it perfect now? No. BUT, it’s our house!

Family, friends, and strangers told us how exhausting being a homeowner would be, and they were not lying. Our work is never finished. There is constantly a never-ending list of projects and to-dos.  Some days we make progress, and some days we just make messes. Not every day is enjoyable being a homeowner. It’s stressful and exhausting. It’s also exciting and rewarding.

Shortly after we closed on our house we found out that we were expecting our sweet tiny babe. Being pregnant and then becoming a new mom (because that’s what happens after you become pregnant) hasn’t exactly made cozying up our house super convenient or easy. I’ve learned that unless I want to constantly feel defeated and unproductive when it comes to working on our house, I have to set small, realistic goals to make our home more welcoming.

My most recent goal that I set for myself was to add a little fresh life indoors and out by doing some planting. I will say that during a very limited time of owning plants, I have not been known as having a green thumb. But hey, I’m a homeowner now, so I can do this, right?

flower basket
peppermint, lavender, cat nip, lemon balm, basil – in hopes to repel mosquitos
fern fern fern
succulent life
hens and chicks

Now, not to toot my own horn, but everything that I have planted is still thriving (thus far).I’ll keep you posted on the wellbeing of my plants.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

flowers, peppermint, lavender, cat nip, lemon balm, basil, and various succulents purchased at the Capital Market

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