the one with 10 thoughts for the weekend: 1

  1. My mom’s birthday is Sunday, so look out for some gorgeous (or potentially disastrous) cake photos on my Instagram – because I’m going homemade.
  2. It’s October 13th, and I have no fall decorations up. So I think I’m just going to skip it and wait to decorate for Christmas. Am I lazy?
  3. A Story Told‘s newest record, Good Looks, released today and it’s available basically everywhere (iTunes, Spotify, etc.). You can also find them on Instagram, here.
  4. I ordered Eliza Jane an adorable pair of shoes from Starry Knight Design, and I am so looking forward to them arriving. She spends just about as much time on her feet as she does crawling these days, so I guess it’s about time to have her wear shoes…
  5. Looking for a new Netflix binge. Suggestions? We are bingers of The Office, Parks and Recreation, Friends, Gilmore Girls, Sherlock, The Andy Griffith Show, and the like.
  6. Trey is smoking a deer roast for Sunday dinner, and if it’s anything like the last roast he smoked it will be DELICIOUS.
  7. Not a single day goes by that Trey and I don’t talk about moving out west. But for today, we remain in Wild and Wonderful.
  8. If you haven’t watched the recent short film that we created, you can find it on my last blog post, BABIES ONLY.
  9. Should Trey and I make more short films? If so, what do you want to see?
  10. Eliza Jane has two tiny teeth cutting through currently – she is in a lot of pain. So that means this mama is extremely sleep deprived. Send (good) coffee, please.


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