the secret is out

So a few weeks ago (when it wasn’t quite as cold out), Eliza and I had a little girls day with some close friends. It turned out that our girls day was more accurately a celebration of a new tiny life that will be joining us this spring, and we are ridiculously excited to meet said tiny human! Congratulations to our sweet friends, Jess and Javan, and their tiny, growing babe! Eliza and Lottie are completely ecstatic to meet their new BFF come May.

(pictured planning all of their future play-dates)

Jess is preg_1

Trey and I were so privileged to be able to take Jess and Javan’s pregnancy announcement photos. To be a tiny part of this wonderful journey for these humans is an honor that I do not take lightly.  Jess has been a close friend of mine since freshman year of college (although, we first met during our sophomore year in high school). I am so excited for this new season for her little family. She is such a tenderhearted human, and I know that that tenderheartedness will spill over into her new roll as a mother. I believe God is going to use this new season of parenthood to show His grace, mercy, and unfailing love through her and her husband.

Baby Andrews 2017_8

We found a quiet road in Charleston that was closed off for construction purposes, and autumn had simply overtaken it by scattering leaves everywhere in a magical fashion. Eliza was a most pleasant mini-assistant, as expected.

Eliza the Photo Pro_1.jpg

I wanted to share some of the photos that we took of our sweet friends on that joyous day of celebration!

Baby Andrews 2017_12

Baby Andrews 2017_10

Baby Andrews 2017_11

Baby Andrews 2017_9

Baby Andrews 2017_13

Baby Andrews 2017_14

Baby Andrews 2017_6

Baby Andrews 2017_5

Baby Andrews 2017_4

Baby Andrews 2017_3

Baby Andrews 2017_2

Baby Andrews 2017_1

Baby Andrews 2017_19

Baby Andrews 2017_18

Baby Andrews 2017_17

Baby Andrews 2017_16

Baby Andrews 2017_15

Baby Andrews 2017_22

Baby Andrews 2017_23

Baby Andrews 2017_21

Baby Andrews 2017_29

Baby Andrews 2017_35

Needless to say, we are very much looking forward to meeting Baby Andrews so soon. I remember the anticipation of waiting for Eliza Jane to arrive (because that really wasn’t too long ago), and I am praying for peace and joy for this sweet family during this time. Can’t wait to see you in May, sweet babe!

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

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